Anthony Turton

Anthony Richard Turton is a 12th generation South African. He specializes in transboundary water resource management, but has evolved this knowledge into understanding water as a strategic resource from both a risk and an opportunity perspective. His focus is on strategic drivers in a young democracy still finding its way in a changing global economy. He holds a doctorate on the evolution of drivers and institutions for the management of South Africa’s transboundary rivers; and a master’s degree on the management of the Zambezi River. He led a research team that captured primary data from official sources that resulted in the publication of the first comprehensive history of the management of the transboundary rivers in South Africa. This is used as a reference work by many scholars and practitioners today. He participated in a CSIR team that captured every treaty to which South Africa has been a signatory in the field of transboundary rivers, and he became a founding member of the Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters (UPTW) at Oregon State University in Corvallis. He was a Unit Fellow in the Natural Resource and Environment business unit at the CSIR and was Vice Chairman of the Research Advisory Panel (RAP) responsible for developing and monitoring the strategic priorities for the allocation of parliamentary grant money for research. He was the official media spokesperson for water at the CSIR and led a research program on the governance processes and structures emerging from the National Water Act and National Environmental Management Act, which resulted in the publication of a text book entitled “Governance as a Trialogue: Government – Society – Science in Transition”.


He represented the CSIR as Deputy Governor on the World Water Council (WWC) and served first as Executive Director of the International Water Resource Association (IWRA) and subsequently as the Vice President. He was appointed Editor responsible for Africa for Water Policy, the official journal of the World Water Council – an appointment he holds to this day. He serves on the Editorial Board of various technical journals. He holds a Professorship in the Centre for Environmental management at the University of Free State and was Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences responsible for developing a governance-related skill set in the UNESCO
Chair for Groundwater Management.


He has been an advisor to senior executives in the mining industry in both the gold and coal sectors, with an established track record in the mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), and still advises confidential clients in the private equity space. He has consulted and/or published technical work on transboundary rivers including the Okavango, Nile, Mekong, Tigris, Euphrates and rivers arising in the Hindu Kush region. He currently serves as a Director on the Board of Nanodyn (Pty) Ltd, a technology company based in Stellenbosch; and Janigraph (Pty) Ltd, a small consulting company. He is a founding member of the SA Business Water Chamber.


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